Let's stand back and look at the Earth as an educated Alien would. The first thing that an Alien would notice about life on the surface of the Earth is that just one of the two million species on Earth has stamped its devastating foot print of polution everywhere.

The aliens would see that most of all the good fertile lands have been converted to intensive commercial farm land, growing foods for humans, and pushing all species that don’t benefit humans out to the edge of extinction. Similarly, the oceans fish stocks have been depleted through human overfishing.

Just the one species, human, has been the number one cause of the recent rapid rise of species extinction and worldwide pollution.

Alien’s solution: reduce human population through revelation and legislation to make Earth a better living environment for all species of plant and animal = Balance Earth

Every living human pollutes. To reduce the pollution on Earth and reduce our impact on other animal species, we must first stabilize then reduce the human population by encouraging our Governments to legislate a Two-Child Policy.

Inconvienent Common Sense:

Humans are all just one species, we can breed with white, black, Asian or Indian, etc.

If you have more than two children, then you are amongst the largest polluters on Earth as all those children will go on to have cars, houses, and children of their own = increasing the pollution cycle for many hundreds of years to come and increasing the burden upon the wild areas of Earth. 

It is time for humans world wide to stop over breeding and start focusing on quality over quantity. This is not only good for all the other varied species on Earth currently suffering under our 7.2 billion population, but good for long term quality of human life also.

Rebalance Our Earth:

Mankind is threatening ourselves and all the wild animal species of Earth by over populating, which leads to over pollution = this is Populution.

Mankind forgets that there are two million species on the Earth and most are being pressed to the edge of extinction by the spreading billions of humans taking over most of the productive wild animal areas for commercial farming. 

There is only one answer to fix all Earth’s major problems, which is people must be responsible and have only two children or less.  

Population History:


For 8,000 years, the Earth’s human population never rose above 350 million people. 

Then around the 1700’s with the start of the industrial revolution, commercial farming, refridgeration, and penicillin, the human population increased over 20 times in less than 400 years. 

Like a virus, this rapidly increasing human population has had its effect on all the wild animal species of Earth, turning most of the furtile wild areas into commercial farm land, raping our oceans fish supplies and even poisoning our atmosphere with carbon dioxide gasses to please our transportation and industrial needs (speeding up Global Warming). 

Earth’s human population is still rapidly increasing, which creates a devastating impact of human pollution. 

As human population is still increasing at over 200,000 per day, we have only begun to see the most terrible effects of this Populution that mankind has brought upon all Earth’s species.



Governments = Pop Solution:

Governments know that a balanced Earth means not increasing the human population any more than it is. They know that reducing the birth rate is more humane than having wars or disease to keep population numbers down. Therefore it is the government’s job to legislate two people having no more than two children = just replacing themselves. This may be unpopular, but terrible devastation demands brave steps.  

Governments should create a worldwide two-child policy legislated so that it discourages people from having more than two children. 

Note: China’s One-child policy attempted to fix a population that had already bred too many people for their environment. China legislated too hard because their population had already increased too far. Nobody wants a one child policy as everyone should be allowed to replace themselves if they so choose. But now that we have reached a full population for the Earth, more than replacement is just greedy and offensive to the other species that share our planet.

Quality of Health is also extremely important, so universal access to Reproductive Health Services and Birth Control should be available to all people worldwide. If people are limited to two children, it is only fair to give them the best chances of healthy, happy families.


What is the biggest problem facing Earth?  It is human population fighting for space to grow.

What would solve all the wars, pollution, global warming, overfishing and deforestation problems of the world?

Answer: A Global Two-Child Policy

Be Responsible, have two children or less.
Ask your governments to legislate a two-child policy.
The 'pop-solution' for a healthier, happier Earth.


If you would like to help spread the words of this Populution.org web site and encourage a global two-child policy, then please forward this site to your family, friends, associates, government leaders, and news people.

I personally feel so strongly about reducing pollution and giving compassion to the wild animal areas of Earth, that I have donated by having no children of my own and have had a vasectomy so that I will not.

Charitable donations can be made to well established agencies such as:
UNFPA:  United Nations Fund for Population Assistance (link)
Population Connection:  US Charity that educates teachers and people (link)

They both do great work, please donate generously Smile

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