Governments = Pop Solution:

Governments know that a balanced Earth means not increasing the human population any more than it is. They know that reducing the birth rate is more humane than having wars or disease to keep population numbers down. Therefore it is the government’s job to legislate two people having no more than two children = just replacing themselves. This may be unpopular, but terrible devastation demands brave steps.  

Governments should create a worldwide two-child policy legislated so that it discourages people from having more than two children. 

Note: China’s One-child policy attempted to fix a population that had already bred too many people for their environment. China legislated too hard because their population had already increased too far. Nobody wants a one child policy as everyone should be allowed to replace themselves if they so choose. But now that we have reached a full population for the Earth, more than replacement is just greedy and offensive to the other species that share our planet.

Quality of Health is also extremely important, so universal access to Reproductive Health Services and Birth Control should be available to all people worldwide. If people are limited to two children, it is only fair to give them the best chances of healthy, happy families.